About us

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Welcome to Glamour Salon, the kingdom of beauty! Glamour Salon Ibn Battuta is one of the finest beauty salon in Dubai. Our branches are also available in Dubai Marina and one more salon in Discovery Gardens. Beauty can bring out confidence and serenity. Glamour Beauty Salon guarantees in giving you a magnificent facade. It will surely exceed your expectations. Which without a doubt shall bring the hidden radiance within you.

First of all, serving the customers is our main concern. Furthermore, we wish to offer our services to the fullest of their satisfaction. Feel the power of beauty in the hands of our first class professionals. We truly believe in sending our customers home contented and in high spirits.

We provide various top-tier services. Such as botox hair treatment, Brazilian keratin, manicure and pedicure, hair wax and many more. Not only we offer matchless services but also use products of highest quality. In other words, we at Glamour salon take great care in delivering safe and worthy treatments.

Waiting for your turn and sitting for long hours has become ancient history. We sincerely respect your time. Hence we believe in serving by appointment only. In this way, long and unwanted delays can be avoided. However sudden and random visits are also welcomed. As you are always a part of our family.

Our luxury salon has a calm surrounding. That can surely make you feel at home. Moreover the setting is as such that you won’t feel uncomfortable by the presence of other clients. Besides our atmosphere is cozy and comfy. It will give you a homely ambiance for sure. We are truly concerned in giving a personal touch to our salon.

Glamour Salon is an ideal place for everyone. Visit and join our family of experts. And taste the charm of authentic beauty!